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Regal Home and Gifts is a direct selling company which offers Canadian consumers functional and attractive housewares products and gifts through a network of dedicated Ambassadors (independent sales representatives), a tradition of the Regal® brand since its Canadian beginnings in 1928.

Regal Home and Gifts was formed in October 2016 to return the Regal® brand to Canadian ownership following the closure of the former American owners. The corporation’s offices and warehouse are located in Mississauga, Ontario and share space with it’s sister company, Golda’s Kitchen Inc.

Regal Home and Gifts is a proud member of the Direct Sellers Association of Canada.

Regal Brand Revived Under New Ownership

MISSISSAUGA, Nov. 10, 2016 — The owners of Canadian online retailer Golda’s Kitchen Inc. have acquired —  through the newly-formed Regal Home and Gifts Inc. — the trademarks, web assets, and customer list of Regal Gifts Corporation from the appointed receiver, Fuller Landau Group Inc. 

Fred Pritchard and Howard Goldstein, owners of the new Regal Home and Gifts Inc. and the well-established and successful Golda’s Kitchen Inc., see this purchase as an opportunity to leverage the solid order processing infrastructure of Golda’s Kitchen to support Regal Home and Gifts’ direct sales model.

“Our customers have kept coming back to Golda’s Kitchen for 17 years because of our ability to provide quality, functional products that provide great value. We intend to bring our skills at product selection and our passion for retailing to Regal Home and Gifts,” commented Fred Pritchard.

Regal Home and Gifts will operate as a direct selling company and will distribute the iconic Regal™ catalogue using a dedicated network of independent sales representatives.  Regal Home and Gifts will begin operations in 2017.

For further information, contact info@regalhomeandgifts.com

Regal’s History

The Regal story begins with one man, the founder, William S McCartney. Originally from a farm, he came to the city in the 1920s looking for work. He started by apprenticing as a carpenter, but as there was very little building going on, he obtained a job selling envelopes. The experience led to him developing a great desire to manufacture greeting cards. Fortunately for McCartney, the woman he was dating at the time provided him with $500 to set up a business. He later married her and it was Edith McCartney who suggested the name “Regal.” They began by importing cards from the United States and Britain, but by 1929, he was printing his own cards in Canada. Not only did Regal bring the first giant four-colour presses to Canada, but it was the first greeting card company in the world to manufacture its own envelopes. As well, the company was the first to produce its own gift wraps.

The first Regal catalogue was produced in the late 1930s. McCartney supported local artists by using their art designs for his cards. More recently, Regal Gifts Corporation was purchased in 2005 by an American private equity firm that operated Regal Gifts Corporation until August 2016. In October 2016, the Regal® brand was acquired by the Canadian owners of Regal Home and Gifts Inc.

Today, while we no longer manufacture our own greeting cards and gift wrap, we are continuing the tradition of publishing the iconic Regal catalogue. You can obtain your own copy by contacting one of our Regal Ambassadors.

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