Regal Gifts – North Bay Printable Order Form

To save the PDF Order Form to your computer

Right click the button below and choose Save link as option and save to your desktop. You can do the same to save to a specific folder on your computer.

Order Form Instructions

To use this order form, save to your computer then print it off and follow instructions below.

1) Fill in all contact info request on order form
2) Fill in all info for each item ordered
3) Add any extra info you wish for me to know at bottom of order form if there is any.

Once you have completed filling in your order, please email it back to me at Then contact me by phone to verify that I received it and let me know which way you will be paying for it.

If I receive your order and I don’t hear back from you, I will call you to verify that you placed the order and get your method of payment.

Once I have tallied up your order, I will send you an invoice showing all amounts, including Shipping & Tax, within 24-48 hours. I will also call you back to verify that you received your order invoice.

If you have any questions on your order, please contact me before you place it as I will happy to help you out.

My name is David Blum & my phone number is (705) 223-6621

**All orders are to be paid in full, before I will process them**

I thank you in advance for shopping with Regal Gifts – North Bay

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